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Palm Treo 755p - Free PLR Articles

Palm Treo 755p Free PLR Article Beginning with Bluetooth capability, the 755p, features and EVDO high-speed data transfer, which makes browsing on the web while on the go easy and efficient. When it comes to email functions, the 755p is a lot less of the hunting through menus that are a standard for many types of phones with Internet capabilities. There are some of the usual feature that people have come to expect with Palm, such as a fully integrated PDA feature, so it is back in the office. A calendar feature helps to keep the schedule on track, and a GPS location finder helps make calling on clients in unfamiliar cities a breeze. All in all, the Treo by Palm 755p is a solid working cell phone solution for any solution for any businessperson. Pros With the Treo by Palm 755p, you get: * GPS locator technology * Integrated PDA features * Camera... Palm Treo 755p Free PLR Articles ...